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Monday, March 12, 2007

MVP addict

about a month ago, we bought mvp baseball 2005 from EA sport cd.
actually, the one who love sport game is bro. he has already played nba, nhl, tiger woods, etc. etc. etc. he loves game from EA sport and does want to play all of them if he could.
me... i just like simple game like from gamehouse. when i saw him played nba and nhl, the thing on my mind, "gosh, i am sure enough that i will not able to play this game ".
(karena gua orangnya lemot)
so, when he bought mvp cd, i wasn't that exciting. but after i try.. damn, i love it!
may be, the thing that made me like it is i had played softball once so this sport is quite familiar for me.
and now, i spend lots of my time to play this game (of course in my spare time... hehehehehe-bullshit!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

karma..karma..and karma..

sekarang lagi suka banget sama Dashboard Confessional (bold: sekarang). itu berawal dari bro yang suka terus sekarang iTunes di kompie saya isinya lagu-lagu favorite dia suka yang mana berikutnya karena adanya lagu itu yah saya dengar aja deh. alhasil, saya suka Dashboard. padahal dahulu kala, saya sempet sebel sama band ini yang mana waktu itu sebenernya tau aja kaga soal band ini. alasan saya sebel karena cewe yang ditaksir cowo yang gua suka dulu suka banget sama band ini. eh, karma kali ya.. sekarang malah suka banget bahkan jatuh hati sama suara chris caraba.

once again, karma happened

Thursday, January 04, 2007

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


weeks ago, bandung is so hot. some says it because of the lampion parade, the others says that the rain season is late.
but, bandung at this moment is always raining. and.. I LOVE IT! . bandung is not hot anymore (except, at noon-actually it is humid not hot). it is cold again. luv it. luv it. luv it.
hey, one thing that i do not like, i get wet when raining - if i forget my umbrella, of course..
still, i love rain

it is not rain the artist from korea, ok?!

Friday, December 08, 2006

HIV day

may be it's late but i hope we can fight against HIV together and help the other

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


lately, he told me that i am depressed. am i?
i think i am.
i always angry just because a little thing. i like having my own world a.k.a. autis sometime and get normal again. i cry easily. i get hunger easily-lapar emosi. i always think negative about friends, rivals, the hate one. blablablabla... and many more.
do i need to go to psychiatric?
i think i have already been grown up to face all my problem but.. now i realize that it is a zero.
what is actually called by grown up?

he suggested me once.. "yov, jadi orang itu harus humble". the fact, it is not that easy as i thought. being humble is difficult because everyone has their own ego and always want the best for themselves. but he said again, "klo kamu humble kamu bisa terima dan membalas semuanya dengan baik"

i think it is called by grown up. but it is hard to be like that. i think it is one of the causes that makes me depressed. i damn really want to be grown up asap, if could i want it instantly but i know in this case i can't get it that way. but i am 23 now. i have done nothing. i do not know what i have to do. my friends, my rivals, the hate one, have done many things and seems they have been already grown up too. it makes me depressed. totally depressed.

*sigh* i hate this periode..